Worksite Evaluations

Physical therapist consultants can become a valuable part of your employee health and safety teams to help you promote a more proactive approach to reducing work-related injuries. Injury prevention and management are vital to controlling costs associated with work-related injuries.

Our experienced physical therapists can provide recommendations to both employers and employees to reduce strain, improve work postures, modify tools and equipment, create rotation schedules, and improve productivity and worker comfort.

We visit a client’s worksite to perform a thorough analysis of the physical environment and job-task behavior, with the goal of identifying the causes of repetitive motion and similar injuries, correcting those causal factors, and preventing future injuries.  We can make recommendations for improving the ways in which workers approach their daily tasks.

Following an analysis of the work, the individual performing the work, and the work site, we provide the employer and the employee with suggestions for improving the work-area design, adaptive equipment, and increasing safety.